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Even though the Finnish summer has finally shown up, the new school year full of parties is approaching, and of course the autumn comes with one of the greatest, Hämeenkadun Appro 2015!
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Hämeenkadun Appro is the biggest  student event in Finland. Every year in October the streets of Tampere are crowded with students from all over Finland wearing their “uniforms” (i.e. overalls) and having the time of their lives navigating from one bar to another with friends and thousands of others! It is impossible for the people in Tampere NOT to notice what day it is!

Here are the rules in a nutshell. The main idea is to navigate from bar to another to achieve one of our 5 “academic” degrees. The degrees are achieved by drinking a certain amount of certain beverages and also – this can be done only in certain bars! From the amazing accomplishment the participants get highly wanted overall-badges!

The five degrees in Hämeenkadun Appro are:

  • Approbatur: Male participants drink 7, female participants 5.
  • Cum Laude: Male participants drink 9, female participants 7.
  • Laudatur: Male participants drink 12, female participants 10.
  • Doctor: Male participants drink 15, female participants 12. This is the ultimate achievement! (don`t be terrified – it can be done!).
  • Emeritus: Emeritus is for highly respected participants who have two Doctor’s degrees. The quantities are the same as in Doctor’s degree ( 15/12).

These degrees aren’t freely to choose from. Instead one must carry out these degrees in a specific order: one must start from the Approbatur and the second possible degree is Cum Laude and so on. This means that one can accomplish the Doctor’s degree only after three years of training! Emeritus requires more comprehensive training – one must have two Doctor’s degrees in order to pursue the goal of Emeritus-level.

The starting point of the event is in the heart of Tampere – at Keskustori ( the central market). This means that every half an hour hundreds of students dash from the gates to their journey. In the central market the DJ will get the contestants warmed up with the latest beats, so the atmosphere is no doubt going to be great! The whole Tampere is sure to stand still as the students get on their way.

After the start the contestants roam around in central Tampere from bar to another. The contestants are to collect hallmarks to their maps which also indicate the bars that are official competition places in the contest. The map also acts as a ticket to the after parties later in the evening, so don´t lose it.

After collecting the right amount of hallmarks the students finally reach the goal which is also at the central market. Time is though limited – doctor and emeritus candidates have five hours time and others only four.

After completing the degree and receiving the overall-badge it is time for the after party. The rest of the evening you will spend partying wildly with thousands of students from all over Finland. The climax of the evening is the performance of a popular finnish artist or a band.